Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Mi Familia :)

Oh it is so fun to hear from you. I've been on the mission over 17
months and talking to you guys never gets old. Happy to hear that all
is well :) Happy Happy Birthday to my Emerson and Finlay! I can't
believe that my little boys are 9 years old. I love you two and I am
thinking of two! We had a great week this week i'm excited to tell you
about it.

This week was filled of lots of lasts. First off- last concilio. It
was so wonderful to be in the mission home full of missionaries. We
talked about the importance of our studies and using time wisely. It
was exactly what I  needed to hear because I need to study at home and
use time wisely at home too! I love it. My companion and I got to
play a musical number on the piano too which was really fun for us. I
love concilios I will miss them! We had our last temple trip too and
that place has grown so dear to me. I love the Spain Madrid Temple.

It also was my last Zone Conference which I thought went really well.
We even got to squeeze in my last intercambio with the hermanas from
Toledo. I got to go with Hermana Calderon who actually is going to
serve in the temple square mission. She is from Spain and is waiting
for her visa and she is the CUTEST thing. So excited to spoil her
rotten! She's wonderful. And as always, it was so great to be with
Hermana Toone as well. That girl has been such a blessing for me! We
got to share our final testimonies at the Zone Conferences together.
First and last!

The work is going! After concilio about using time wisely we decided
that we had some weeding out to do. That sounds really bad, but I
can't think of any other way to do it! We decided that if they weren't
progressing, we needed to take a break with them. That included Sonia
:( i'm really sad about it. But we have faith that The Lord will put
someone in our path that is prepared. Aga and Gerardo are still doing
well though! We also had a miracle with Lourdes this week. She hasn't
been answering our calls and I thought she was over it. BUT she ran
into a member at the doctors and it turns out her phone broke in
Ecuador and we are going over this week! WAHOO! Stay tuned :)

We have been doing lots of finding this week and are excited to see
what happens with the people that we have found. Our menos activos are
doing great as well :) I love being here. I just am feeling really
weird right now! Excited to see my family soon, but really there isn't
anything better than being a missionary. Especially in the best
mission in the world ;) I love my Savior and am thankful for the
blessing to testify of Him 24/7. I love you all and hope you have a
great week!

Hermana Marsh

Concilio day!

Las Palmas crew :)

 Couldn't resist buying a little treat for the birthday girl. She is my favorite!
 Homemade valentines cookies with Lydia and Patricia :) cutest family.
 Mom and Dad, we are waiting for you!!!!!!!!!

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