Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Mi Familia

HI! Oh it's so fun to get to hear from you guys. Mondays really never
get old for me. I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well! Things
are going well here in Spain. It was week one of the transfer and it
FLEW. Week one is normally so slow! So that makes me a little nervous,
but time flies when you're having fun :) We really did have a lot of
miracles though and i'm excited to tell you all about it.

We had the COOLEST miracle with our investigator Gerardo. We went to
our lesson and he told us that before we started, he had some
questions for us. That is either a good thing or a bad thing, and in
this case it was a good thing :) He opens his book of mormon to the
one and only... 2 Nefi 31! Basically one of the best chapters in the
book of mormon about the doctrine of Christ. He then continues to read
verse 12. Go read it. I was freaking out! He found that all by himself
and we spent the rest of the lesson talking about baptism. This guy is

Ramber was confirmed a member of the church yesterday and it was one
of the cutest things. It's so special to see his brother baptize and
confirm him. We met with his sister Leidy twice this week ands she is
doing well. I feel like our lessons go really well and that she is
really engaged, but Sunday rolls around and she still doesn't come.
So we'll have to figure that one out.. She really is doing well

Sonia didn't fall off the face of the earth, she just got a job. Happy
for her sad for me haha! She is watching her friends girls and she
works sundays, but she said she'd ask her friend if she could bring
the girls to church. Fingers crossed! Smoked only 1 time all last week
though :) It was the hiring week I guess though because Aga got a job
too and hardly has any time. The worst. We'll still pass when we can,
but things aren't looking to great for her.

We'll have our last lesson with Nicole tonight and I am so sad. She
really is one of the best investigators i've had... She'd get
baptized this transfer! But that's okay she'll go to Peru and share
the gospel with her family. Then come back and get baptized in May :)
The good news is that Lourdes gets home this week!!! YES!! Now i'm
just debating how soon is too soon to call... I'm a little excited
i've missed her!

We had our Mission Tour this week and we had Elder Moreira come. He is
AWESOME. Seriously so funny, but so serious all at the same time. He
shared with us the story about when Christ used 5 loaves of bread and
2 fish to feed the entire multitude. I'd heard this story many times,
but he said something that stuck out to me this time. Do you know what
kind of bread it was? Barley bread. That's the bread they give to
pigs, not people. But Christ made it possible so that this bread that
really isn't that appetizing fill thousands. He then talked about how
as missionaries, we really are nothing. But The Lord works with us and
shapes us so we can be the miracles and fill people spiritually. I
really am nothing. All success that I have had on my mission is thanks
to Him! I'm grateful that he trusts me enough though to work through
my weaknesses so others can have the gospel.

I love this gospel with all my heart and I can't imagine doing
anything else with my life right now. Hermana Spencer is wonderful and
I feel so lucky to be her companion. I hope you all have a wonderful
week I will talk to you soon!

Hermana Marsh

Thanks for the new shirt!!! I love it :)

 this is from lunch today :)    Nilo is my favorite. 
Very few people are invited to P-day activities haha!

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