Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Mis Queridos :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all and I'm very thankful to have
you in my life :) I hope you are having a fun Presidents' Day weekend
too. The pictures from Arizona look amazing! Excited to tag along next
time. This week was a great one and absolutely flew like always.

Our people are doing well! We went over the baptismal questions this
week and it went really well. She only smoked a HALF of a cigarette
this week! She talked to her boyfriend and is making progress with
him, but once again she didn't show up at church again. So
frustrating! We confirm Saturday night, but something always comes up.
And that's a pretty important part of being a member of the church SO!
We'll probably push her fecha back again. Sad. She really is
progressing though, she just needs to come to church!

Gerardo is doing great though. We taught the word of wisdom this week
and it went well. He only has problems with coffee, but he said he had
no idea that God didn't want him to drink coffee and said he would be
done from here on out. The best! He is great and the members take such
good care of him. He still is working on Sundays at 12 and he doesn't
like that he can't keep all of the Sabbath day holy, but we are
praying for him.

Leidy is doing okay. We are trying our hardest to prepare great
lessons and invited the spirit, but she is always so distracted. We
met with their whole family last night though and her dad (member that
hasn't come to church in years) shared the strongest testimony. He is
going to be the key for this family! It was so cute though we asked
Ramber if he would offer the last prayer and he said "Yes, but can we
do it on our knees?" It was so cute. My companion just cried haha!

Hermana West's family came this week and we just tagged along to all
of their eating appointments it was the greatest. This ward sure does
love her it was pretty great to see. Especially Aga. She just cried
the poor thing! We had a really great lesson with her this week on the
Law of Chastity. We are one step closer!

Things are going really well here. I don't know if I could be happier!
We had a pretty great day today. I got to see ALL of my companions
that haven't already gone home it was wonderful! We went to the
Titanic museum which meant I got to listen to my heart will go on all
day so I was pretty content :) This week is going to be a big one. I
have my last concilio, temple trip, intercambios, and zone training.
Yay! It's going to be busy. And that's how I like it! Thank you for
everything you do for me. You guys really are the best! I love you and
am praying for you. Until next week!

Hermana Marsh
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 Picture from the last concilio I forgot to send.
Temple pics :)

 Literally SPRINTING to catch the bus.
 So nasty haha!
 I held a baby... My companions little brother doesn't count right?!

 P day activity. Titanic exhibit!

My comps :) Alcorcon, Las Palmas, and barrio 3!

 Posterity picture! Get this. My granddaughter is Italian! Ha! I love it.
 I broke my investigators door... They said fuerte Hermana and so I was

fuerte!! The worst hahah.

Look who's here from the north! Had to squeeze in a llaollao trip.

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