Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Mis Cariños

Here we are again! I really can't believe how fast the weeks go.
Tomorrow is September! Crazy. You sound like you all are doing great.
Always a highlight to hear from you :) This week was great. The big
news is we are having our Zone Conference with all of the missionaries
on the islands. So fun! Having the Packs here is the best they are the
greatest. We had a great week this week I am excited to tell you all
about it.

First off- Susi got permission to be baptized the 20th!!! :) :) You'd
think i'd learn not to worry about things and just trust The Lord by
this point. She is so excited it is the cutest thing. I think 3 times
this week she came up to me and asked me what are all the things she
needs to do to get baptized. I keep telling her that all we need to do
is wait for the 20th! She really is so prepared. Her daughters still
need to wait until they are 18, but her example is going to help so
much. I am so excited for her to be a member she is going to help the
church here in the Canary Islands tremendously.

Not much of an update with Lilian and Vanessa. They both are still
incredible and I love them dearly! Just playing the waiting game. They
are doing their part in the process though, so I can't complain.

Speaking of Lilian, she is the nicest. She did the nicest/most
embarrassing thing this week. She bought me anti-frizz shampoo 
I guess it's time to use my straightner again.

Okay, Danny. This man is gold!!! We were going to teaching lesson
three this week, but then he wanted to know about the commandments we
had in our church. Normally we teach them one at a time so it's  not
too overwhelming and we decided to start with Word of Wisdom. He
accepted everything and said what next? So we taught the Law of
Chastity. He accepted everything and said what next? We taught tithing
and fast offerings and accepted everything. He came to church for the
first time yesterday and loved it. He's great I'm so excited!

We had a great experience with Marina this week as well. Between work
and a vacation to the south, she didn't have time to meet with us this
week. She didn't get home until 3 in the morning Saturday night and we
were almost positive she wouldn't come to church yesterday seeing as
the last time we saw her was last week at church. But guess who showed
up all on her own! Marina :) Greatest miracle! I think the biggest
reason was from the member that was her friend last week. It makes the
biggest difference! If the missionaries bring an investigator to
church, go sit by them! The missionaries will love you and more
importantly, the investigator will too.

I think that is about it for this week. I love this gospel! I really
am so grateful to be a member of the Church. And especially grateful
to be a missionary! The greatest blessing. Thank you for the love and
support. Have a great week!! 

hermana marsh

These pictures are to show you how crazy our hair is here... I promise
I leave in the morning with normal hair!! It's just a joke by the end
of the day.

Yay for lice free hair!!! Thanks mom! 

 Time for a picture in real missionary clothes.

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