Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Hola Mi Familia!

So great to hear from you all this week. You all sound great! Lots of
September birthdays- special shoutout to Ricky, Moo Face, and
Grandfather! I love you all and hope you have/had the best day.
Thinking of you! Lots of great things happened this week in Las
Palmas, I'm excited to tell you all about it! Pre-warning: I feel like
this week is going to be SUPER long so make sure you get a treat or
something before you start reading this.

First up, we had our Zone Conference this week and it was amazing! It
is always so fun to be with the Packs. The main focus was on the
Restoration and the importance of us to have a testimony of it. We
practiced teaching lesson 1 in 4 minutes (like they did in the mission
president seminar) and it was a great experience for me. 4 minutes
doesn't give you much time to say anything that isn't important, and I
love the way it has changed the way I teach lesson 1. The doctrine in
it is amazing I love lesson 1! Also, after we got to do intercambios
with the hermanas in Los Cristianos- Hermanas Turina and Finch.
Highlight of my week they are great!

Okay, I love our investigators. They are the best! I'll start with
Danny. We met with him twice this week and he is doing great. He
talked about the changes he has made the last month that he has been
meeting with us, and he loves the difference in his life. He expressed
his desires to be baptized and we invited him to be baptized September
26th. We still have things to teach and every time we meet with him he
has about 5 questions for us, but I have faith! He came to church
yesterday for the 2nd week in a row and he loved it. He's great!

This update is short, but we went to visit the Benitez Family and you
will never believe what Vanessa is doing. Personal Progress! Cory
started, and she wanted to do it as well :) She's amazing!

Susi is still ready to go for the 20th :) She bore her testimony is
church yesterday and invited the whole congregation to her baptism
hahaha she is the best! The best part is half of the ward didn't even
know she was an investigator. She blends right in! Her baptism is next
week... I can't wait!

Intermission Break: We were at an investigators and I drank wine this
week... ah!! I didn't know it was wine I just thought it was really
gross juice. Then my companion told me after haha it was nasty. Also I
ate rabbit this week and I liked it!

Lilian is incredible. You wouldn't believe the things she has been
through, and all of the faith that she has at the end of it all. I
admire her so much! She is passing through really hard times right
now, but she has never lost her faith in God. I saw her walk into
church yesterday and it almost made me cry. This is her 9th time at
church it wasn't like it was anything new, but just to see the
priority that God is in her life despite everything that is happening
is admirable.

We had another huge miracle yesterday at church with Marina. She
brought her friend to church! Her name is Regina and she's great. And
no this wasn't the reference that she had given us earlier this
week... She's the greatest little missionary! We met with her this
week and her husband was there this time and he is incredible to! Of
course he had to leave the next day for Brazil for 90 days... but
that's okay! Marina is progressing and in December her husband will be
too :) He said he sees missionaries in Brazil all the time and
promised us he'd stop them if he sees them.

I think that is about it for this week! We are doing great. I love my
companion, investigators, and members! They are the greatest I feel so
blessed to be here in Las Palmas. Being a missionary is the greatest I
am grateful for it every day. Thank you for all of the love and
support you send my way! Have a great week and i'll talk to you soon

Hermana Marsh

Zone Conference!

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