Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Mis Queridos 

Happy Monday! So fun to read about your weeks, i'm glad everything
went well. We had a pretty crazy week over here in Spain with
tranfers. As i'm sure you heard, i'm leaving paradise which absolutely
breaks my heart, but i'm going to a great place. It's pretty funny
actually about 3 days before we found out about transfers we were
playing the what if game and at one point I said, "I just want to stay
or go to Barrio 3 with Hermana Irigoyen!" Lo and Behold The Lord was
listening.... I'm going to Barrio 3 with Hermana Irigoyen! She is from
Argentina (native wahoo!!) and I have only heard great things. We are
going to be the sister training leaders there too which will keep us
extra busy. Hermana Griffin served there before she absolutely loved
it. So i'm excited :) Sad to leave paradise, but happy to go back to
civilazation haha 

I do have some final updates on my people, the highlight definitely
being with Susi. She was confirmed yesterday and is now the newest
member in Las Palmas! She is incredible. She is going to help the
church in the islands be strengthened so much. She is already saying
the opening prayer in Relief Society and will have a calling in no
time :) I love this family I am so excited for them.

Next up, Danny. We had the BEST lesson with him this week. We didn't
even bring it up, he just started asking all of these questions about
his baptism and confirmation. He wants to get baptized and is ready to
go, he just wants to make sure his faith and testimony are strong
enough, which I am totally fine with. We have only been meeting for 6
weeks! Through out the lesson told us though that he has made the
decision to get baptized, he just wants to be more prepared. Sad to
miss it, but excited for the picture that will be coming soon :) He is
such a cool guy I feel so blessed to have met and shared the gospel
with him.

Marina is also progressing towards her baptism as well. She is set for
just a few weeks away and feels ready, but wants her husband to be
there. He left to go visit his family in Brazil and will be back in
December. Again, sad to leave, but excited to see the pictures haha :)
Last night they showed the women's broadcast and we were BAD
missionaries and totally spaced telling her about it. But I guess she
was paying attention during the announcements at church because she
showed up all on her own :) THE BEST! She got me the cutest gift, I'm
going to miss her!

The Benitez Family... wow that was hard saying goodbye to them!
Vanessa is hands down the most prepared investigator I have ever
taught. This week she asked is there was a member going to the temple
soon so they could do the work for her mom and her grandmother. What
investigator says that?! She is doing a LOT better with the word of
wisdom and is still coming with her dad and her girls every week.
Praying hard that she will get baptized soon.

We met with Lilian this week and her life is just really hard. On top
of everything that she is going through, she has been SO sick these
last few weeks. She hasn't been able to make it to church because of
that, but she has been reading the book of mormon every single day.
She told us this week that she missed her bus because she was so into
the part that she was reading haha she is great. I'm going to miss her
and Scarlett so much!

We got the best news this week too. Yamilka is moving to Virginia in
the UNITED STATES!!! She'll be there in November and I am so so
excited. I was absolutely dreading saying goodbye to her because we
have gotten so close over the last 6 months, but yesterday wasn't even
hard because i'll get to see her so soon! So so so excited.

Just so you know though, things aren't all rainbows and butterflies
here. This week I got pooped on by a bird... Right in the middle of my
head!!! That was a lame day. I do NOT like pigeons (sorry emma).

I love Las Palmas! I am so grateful that I got to serve here. The
members here are absolutely incredible I am going to miss them like
crazy. They have taught me so much and have strengthen my testimony in
ways that no one else could. The only thing that helped me not cry my
face off was that I will get to see them again in March. Heads up mom
and dad that is going to be a rough despedida! I'm excited for the
next chapter though, good things are ahead in Barrio 3. I love you
guys thank for all of the love and support you send my way. I couldn't
do this without you! Have a great week 

Hermana Marsh
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La Familia Roka. The most incredible family! I'm going to be a better member of the church thanks their examples. Love them! (Pretty Willy is here... He needs to be mentioned!)
Susi and her darling girls 

 YAMILKA! She is my miracle in Las Palmas. I still can't believe how great she is! 
Luckiest missionary in the world.
 My little girls đź’•
They are the daughters of our recent convert Yajaira and wow am I going to miss that family. So darling!

   Danny Boy! Next pic you see of him will be his baptism :)

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