Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Mi Querida Familia,

Here we are at Monday again! Oh it is so fun to hear from you guys
every week. Thank you for the pictures, emails, and videos there
really isn't anything better. This week was AMAZING! Seriously there's
no way i'm going to be able to explain how great it was (and how FAST
it went!), but I will try my best :) It's going to be long head's up!

Madrid was awesome. We got in early Monday and went straight to
Pavones to play basketball with the Elders. Don't get me wrong I love
sports and everything, but the Lovell's were right there in the MTC so
we took that as a good excuse to go visit them. It was so fun to be
with them. After that we went to the mission home for lunch, to write
our families, and cook with Hermana Pack. After that we got to work! I
went contacting with a member named Augustine. She is about 70 years
old and i'm not going to lie I felt a little nervous for the next 3
hours, but wow was I wrong. She is a power house haha!! It was awesome
I learned a lot from her. After we got to sleep in the mission home
with some of the other sisters from the North and it was great.

Tuesday was the concilio and it was amazing. I can't even express how
great the Packs are! We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but
more specifically the first two steps: faith and repentance. As
missionaries we focus two much on the baptism and we brush over the
first two steps that make baptism possible. We also talked about the
Sabbath Day and how our faith will grow when we are obedient to this
commandment. I loved everything about it! Our flight didn't leave
until wednesday so we spent the day helping the Packs with some things
and I felt right at home. They seriously are my parents here and I am
so grateful for them. They even woke up at 5 in the morning to take us
to the airport! They are amazing and I feel so blessed to have them as
my mission presidents.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent in Tenerife doing intercambios and
Zone trainings. It is so fun to be with other missionaries! I don't
know if it is just because I am serving on a teeny island, but any
chance we get to visit with other missionaries is a great one. I went
out with Hermana Mattson and she is an incredible missionary. After a
long four days though, we were very happy to come home to Las Palmas
and get to work.

The big news is Susi's baptism. Oh wow that might have been the best
baptism I have every been to I just cried! We've been waiting for
September 20th for a long time and it still doesn't even feel real.
And the biggest miracle... her ex-husband came! This man wants nothing
to do with the mormon church and we were all in shock when he walked
in the door. Not only did he come, but when Susi was sharing her
testimony, we looked back and he was in tears. Which only resulted in
the girls running up to us with tears in their eyes telling us that
their dad felt the spirit. It was a miracle! Hoping and praying that
they can get baptized soon. It was amazing.

Danny is the best. Yesterday at the baptism he kept just saying how
nervous and excited he was. He is still deciding on whether or not he
wants to get baptized this saturday or wait a few weeks, but we're
probably going to hold off a little bit. There's no hurry! Sad for me
because i'm most likely not going to be here, but he's getting
baptized!! Best news for a missionary :) Marina came to the baptism
too and is so excited for when it is going to be her turn. We are very
blessed missionaries here in Las Palmas!

This is the last week of the transfer and we are receiving 43 new
missionaries this transfer... 43! Lots of changes and crazy things
coming up we are excited.

I love my companion, mission presidents, investigators, area, members,
family, and most importantly my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus
Christ. I am overwhelmed in the blessings that I have received this
last year and the person that I have become thanks to them. I love
being a missionary and am excited to give it my all these last 6
months. Thank you for all of the love and support, have a great week!

hermana marsh

 Sister training leaders and Zone leaders of the Spain Madrid Mission.
 All together!
 Hermana Finch! :)
They have a yellow capilla... are you kidding?! I love it.
 Bautismo! :)

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