Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014

Happy October family!! Can you belive it´s already October?! Ah time is flying.  Last week was a total train wreck so i´m going to do things a little differently this time. I´m sorry it isn´t as personal, but I talked to some missionaries and they said we get plenty of time in the field so it won´t last long!
Ricky and Tisha: so happy to see those cute pics of your family! I am excited to see pictures of Merricks rroom and your kitchen. Be sure to send them to me! Tell e and f great job on their soccer games :)

Doug and Kim: stop I am DYING over wendy´s 18 month pictures!! She couldn´t be cuter. Can´t belive my baby is all grown up! I talked to some of the teachers and I think the only person you would know is Hermana Suarez. Sound familiar? Thank you for the football update and the spiritual thought I love it!

Dantzel and Oliver: Thank you for the update :) I´m dying over the grand canyon pics that looks beautiful! Good job on your calling - those girls are so lucky to have you. 

Allie and Mike: Those videos of maddeen haha!! Seriosuly that kid kills me.  Happy to see you made it safe and sound to arizona! Take care of mom via facetime ;)

Steph: I GOT YOUR POSTCARD! Thank you so so much it came at the perfect time, I absolutely love it.  There is an Italian teacher here and I love talking to her about you.  You are the best example for me, thank you so much!
Okay now on to this week at the CCM. First off, I GOT THE PACKAGE!!! I can´t even describe how happy that made me you guys are the nicest!!! I was grinning from ear to ear all day you guys are so cute.  I´ve been eating the granola every day for breakfast :) thank you thank you thank you!!! It only took a little under two weeks too so that really was the greatest! I loved it!
After emailing we got to go into down town Madrid for P day and it was so so fun!! We got to see the palace, the supermarket where we got the yummy froyo, the golden buns statue, the crossiant place, and plaza del sol.  I was literally dying!! So fun to see all of that again.  That night we had a fireside by Elder Ballard and it was the best.  I was feeling a little homesick after emailing and that was just the motivation I needed to get going :) The best!
On friday a member of the 70 came and President Lovell called on me to say the prayer. AHH!! I was so so scared, but I did it! I said the prayer in Spanish!!! I felt real great once that was over haha! I also cracked out barb´s workouts because guys... the treats are getting to me haha!! Be sure to tell her thank you for me :)
On Saturday we went to the park and I was paired up with a girl whose Spanish isn´t as strong so I took the reins again and it went so much better than last week.  I even got a referral! They spoke English, but still I was feeling pretty great about it.  We play soccer almost every day and I´m getting better! This week I even scored twice! must be the jersey ;)
On sunday we had fast and testimony meeting and I had my first 24 hours fast! It wasn´t as hard as I thought it would be becasue when you are as desperate as I am, you are willing to make the sacrifice :) I even bore my testimony in Spanish! What was really amazing though was a lot of missionaries bore their testimonies about how their families back home aren´t active or supportive.  It made me so thankful for you guys! I know each of you has such a strong testimony and always put the Lord first.  Such an amazing example for me so thank you so so much.  I love you guys! That night we went to this fireside concert thing and I met the Jacksons!! They are absolutely incredible I´m the luckiest missionary! I love them already.
Spanish is coming! It´s frustrating, but I will get it.  Poco a poco! We are getting new investigators this week so it will be fun to be able to start over and apply what i´ve learned.  To answer some of your questions, the mission president and his wife life here in the ccm.  They are so great!! Really the greatest people.  The Spain CCM teaches Spanish, Russian, French, and Italian.  This week we got a new batch of missionaries which included Hermana Baxter and Daniel from semester abroad!! He´s going to Russia and is one of hte new 6 weekers.  My companion is the girl I knew through facebook before I left and she is absolutely amazing.  We get a long so so well she is the biggest blessing! I thank Heavenly Father every day for her to be my companion.  I am so excited for conference!! We get to watch 2 sessions live and one of them is Grandfathers yay!! Such a bblessing.  I really am so excited!!
I think that was all the questions, if not send them again :) I love you all so much! Thank you so much for tthe videos and the picutres. I love them! Until next week!
hermana marsh

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