Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014

HI family! I´m so happy to hear from you all. You all sound like you are doing great! Thank you so much for the updates you have no idea how much it means to me.  I love to still be a part of your lives!
Ricky and Tisha: Yay finlay and emerson on the soccer I am so proud of them!! Send me pictures :) and yay for lydie lou!! Who said she could get so big.  Her and moo face crack me up that is so awesome.  I love you guys!
Doug and Kim: BYU just makes me frustrated.  bummer.  Glad I´m gone! Your pictures of your food from your birthday look amazing i´m so jealous!! Wedny might me the cutest thing I am dying over the videos and pictures!! so so darling.  Keep up the great work with christlike attributes that´s what i´m working on too! I´m on faith right now- we can do it together :)
Dantzel and Oliver-  i am so happy for you guys!! Your pictures look amazing i´m so jealous I want all of those pumpkins things.  Thanks for the update on my little nugget :) When I should mem studying spanish I think about the little peanut and I get so giddy.  You guys will be the greatest parents iim so excited!
Allie and Mike: I got your letter and I seriouslyy was laguhing hysterically outloud hahaha you guys are the worst!! So so funny.  Thank you for taking the time to send me one it means the wrold :) I was laughing so hard at the video of madden... glad to see we think the same things are funny :) I love you guys!! Go get some bj´s for me I´m craving it.
Wetty: Wow you never cease to amaze me.  One letter a week! You are the greatest sister those postcards make me so so happy.  Thank you so much! I am sorry to hear about the funerral of your investigator, but I also love to see how much you care.  You are a great example to me and I hope I can connect with my investigators like you do. 
So here´s a little bit about my FINAL week in the CCM! I have to start off with a HUGE thank you!!! I received two packages and multiple letters this week and I really am in awe at how amazing my family is.  The candy is already almost gone... my bad :)  I love you guys so so much!!
For P-day last week, my presidents wife took a few of us girls shopping and it was so so much fun.  I´m sorry to admit that I found some things... :) and after we went to vips! Do you remember that restaurant m and d? So great to have american food haha I had so much fun! I love my mission presidents I feel so blessed to have them
I have a funny and embarrassing story for you guys.  So I talk in my sleep as you all know, and the girls in my district have informed me that I not onlyy talk in my sleep, but talk in spanish in my sleep haha!! That means i´m fluent right?? Seriosly so funny I don´t know how my brain does what it does.  I am not fluent by any means, BUT I will say that I do think I have an okay foundation to be going out in the field.  It´s going to be hard, but I´m ready to work even harder!
This week for the park I was paired up with hermana baxter!!! Ah I love her.  It was so fun to be with someone I knew and I thought we worked pretty well together! This week I get to be with hermana toone and I am so excited.  She is seriously the greatest person and we work so well together I can´t wait to go teach real people with her! I was belssed with the best commpanion.  
We had a pretty great experience today at the temple today! I did the session in Spanish for the first time and I actually understood a lot of it! So that was a really great feeling.  They took us on a tour after our session and wow I love the Spain temple.  It is absolutely beautiful!! I cried lots and lots. shocker I know haha! I love the temple and am so happy i´m staying in Madrid so I hopefully can go again later in my mission. 
So here´s tthe run down for the rest of the week.  We are having our interviews with the Jacksons on Sunday, packing up and saying goodbye on Monday, and are going to the mission presidents home on Tuesday! I´m not sure when i´ll find out my first area, so until I find out if you have any letters our anything the best place to send them would probably be the mission home.  I get to email on monday before I leave so hopefully I can give you a little more information then!
I can´t believe my time at the CCM is gone.  It flew!! I really am so sad to leave I have loved every aspect of this place.  Wonderful memories here! I am really nervous for next week, but know that with the help of the Lord I can do anything.  I love you guys! Thank you for you love and support it really is the best thing for a missionnary.  I have the best family in the world! Keep sending pictures and videos.  I love you!
hermana marsh
halloween packages make me so happy!!!
 how cute is my desk?! Best mom in the world!
 thanks for the fangs :)
 I have the best companions in the world. I love hermana toone!
 Last temple pic for a while!

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