Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

Hi cute family! I can´t believe it is already P-day again.  The time really does fly hear! It was so great to hear from all of you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write me it makes me so happy :)
Ricky and Tisha: Wahoo on all the house renovations!! I loved the pictures of your kitchen it looks great.  Thank you thank you thank you for for the updates on your kiddos they make me laugh so hard! I sure love those guys.
Doug and Kim: NO!!!! worst news ever about taysom!!! That really puts a damper on the situation.  I am dying over the video of wendy singing let it go haha so cute!! Way to go kim on the running you are my idol.  And thank you for the spiritual thought I loved it :) also doug, my teachers wife served in the islands with you! fun connection.
Dantzel and Oliver: So fun to see all your pictures from conference!! I´m glad you guys were able to come home. Have so much fun in Maine and send me so many pictures!! They don´t make me homesick I love to see what you guys are up to.
Allie and Mike: Way to go geezer on those abc´s!!! Smartest little peanut.  And feel free to give Art City my address so they can send me some donuts :) I´m so sorry about liz that really breaks my heart.  Tell her that I love her and am praying for her!! and thanks for the funny pins those were real good ones.
Wetty: Happy hump day!!!!! You made it!!! You are the best ever I got another postcard from you!! Seriously those make me so happy thank you so much.   I sent you a letter but it was to the mission home so I don´t know if you will get it.   I´ll send another one to your area.  I love you and am happy to see that you are doing well in italia! I think about you all the time!!
This week was so great.  I´ll start with p-day last week.  We got to go shopping and we found some members that took our picture and sent it to our parents.  The nicest! I was able to find a straightener and a blow ddryer so i´m a happy missionary :) after we went and got churros at the same place we went to in june and don´t worry it was just as great!! So fun I really can´t believe I get to serve my mission here it´s incredible.  Today we are going to the prado so that will be really fun :)
This week at the park nothing new really happened, but it was still really fun! My spanish is lacking so much, but I am getting better so i´m hangin in there.  They put me with a russian again I don´t know why they keep doing that haha! Oh well :)
CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING! I have always loved it, but it is so different as a missionary! This conference was perect for me to learn more about the doctrine and teach it to my investigators.  I was on cloud nine! When you get the ensign, please send me a copy I am dying to read them again.  We got to watch all 5 sessions and I really loved it.  And shout out to Grandfather! In one of my lessons this week, my investigator asked if it was dangerous for one person to lead all 15 million of us and I was able to share points from grandfathers talk and it really brought the spirit.  So thank you :) Conference is so great! It made me miss home, but it´s so worth it!
This week I have been reading our search for happiness in the little down time that we have and it is so amazing.  If any of you haven´t read it please do it! I am learning so much from it. 
Funny note about this week- I officially have been added to the dumb things missionaries say during lessons.  This week I called president uchtdorf a red neck instead of a pilot hahahah! Whoops! It was pretty funny and I´m pretty sure that won´t be the last mistake I make haha!
I got the newsletter and yay tally and abby!!!! That is so so exciting! :)
That´s about it for this week! The days get kind of repetitive, but I am not ready to leave at all.  I love the MTC and I love the people here.  I have 2 weeks left and as merrick would say... I´m not ready I wasn´t ready! Time to put teh trust in to Lord though! I´m doing great :) Thank you so much for all of the love and support I receive you have no idea how much it means to me.  I love you so much!
hermana marsh
churros and chocolate :)
 and llao llao for dad :)
 Croissant restaurant for mom!
 My companion and I! She is from Sandy and goes to BYU :)
 My cute district!

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