Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014

Hi cute family!! Okay I feel so blessed this week you guys are the greatest.  I got FIVE letters this week!!! It really makes me so happy and I am so thankful for the support you guys give me.  You sound like you are doing great!

Ricky and Tisha: Those pictures this week! I am dying right now those kids are so cute. I´m happy to hear they liked Blue man group.  I sure do miss you guys!

Doug and Kim: Wow worst football update.  WE are falling apart! Good time to be gone I guess.  I hope you had fun watching your brothers kids! And thank you so so much for the letter it made me so happy.  I love that little Wendy girl!! and happy birhtday Kim :)

Patty and Olivander: I CAN KEEP A SECRET!! Thank you so much for the announcement it was so cute! Keep me posted I want pictures!! so kim, tisha, and allie: if anything happens I can keep a secret :) :)

Mike and Allie: I love those videos and pics of geezy boy he makes me so happy!! That job interview better be for utah :) I love you guys thank you for all of the support I´ll be watching for your letterr!

Wetty: Wow 3 postcards.  you are seriously the best sister what did I ever do to deserve you! It was so great to hear your update you sound like you are rdoing so great.
This week was a really great one I can´t believe that it is already p day again! I want to start off with my park experience- it was unforgetable. They finally put me with a Spanish sister haha! And she just happened to be one of my best friends here and we were so excited to be together.  We had so much success!! We were able to give out 7 libros de mormon and got 4 referrals! It was so crazy because every person we talked to was interested and it felt liike they came to us.  There was never any doubt in my mind who we should be talking to.  I know it wasn´t us because I didn´t change anything, but the Lord prepared people for us and it was the best feeling in the world to be able to tell them about the church.  It made me so happy!!
I wanted to share a spiritual thought that has really been helping me this week.  We watched a devotional by Elder Bednar that was about turning outward as Christ has.  I had really tried to apply this and every time I feel like I am messing up or feeling down on myself, I try to handle the situation and Chrrist would and turn outward and it is amazing how much better I feel! It is going to be a lesson I keep with me my whole life. 
We have native Spaniards here and wow they are great.  I can´t understand them yet but it is way fun to be practicing with them!
I am doing really well!  Other than the fact that I locked us out of our room this week for an hour. AH! my bad.  Highlight of the week though: Digestives exist in Spain!!! My teacher gave us some and I was so happy.  All will be well! I love you guys so much and am so thankful for the support you give me.  I am the luckiest missionary here! Look for opportunites to serve this week :) I love you!!!
Hermana Marsh :)
 tetanus aint got nothing on me :) (Madie had to get a tetanus shot preventatively, nothing happened requiring the shot.)
 thank you so much for  tthhee  lleetttteerrss!!
I got a letter from Grandfather! Tell him I love him!

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