Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

Hi my family!!! I can´t even describe how happy I am to be talking to you guys!! I don´t have much time so if i´m all over the place I am really sorry.  I will try my best to reply individually, but please understand if I don´t make it! The pictures you sent me are amazingg keep them coming! I thougt they would make me sad but really they are the best. 
I have so much tot tell you about the mtc! My companion is hermana Toone and oh. my. gosh. she is the greatest person in the world.  We get a long so well I feel like I have known her my whole life! I absolutely love her and feel so blessed to have her as my companion.  There are about 26 missionaries in the whole MTC and about 13 of us speak spanish.  The rest are Portuguese or Russian so that´s really cool! They will switch out every two weeks though so we´ll be getting new missionaries next week.  My mission presidents are the Lovells and they are seriously amazing.  They are my parents away from home and I am learning so much from them! Seriously love them.  The food here is pretty good! some stuff is really good and some stuff is not so good, but overall it´s not too bad! They always have cereal, yougurt, fruit, nutella, and peanut butter so i´m a happy camper :)
The thing I porbably love the most about the MTC is it is 40 steps from the temple (we measured it :)).  It is absolutely stunning!! We get to go once ea week and it is the best thing I absolutely love it.  Another thing that we do in the MTC is go proselyting in the park on Saturdays.  It´s that park that we went to with all the statues and the huge fountain mom and dad do you remember? Who knew i´d be preaching there just a few months later! I was paired up with a Russian and I was super happy becasue she had done it before until I realized... she´s a Russian. and we´re in Spain.  So, I had to do all of the talking and I had only been there 4 days. AHH!! It went surprisingly well though I know the Lord helped me to be able to communicate with the people I talked to.  I was able to give everyone I talked to a pass along card and even placed 2 libro de mormons! I´m excited to go again this week.
Spanish is Spanish haha! It is super hard, but I feel like I am learning more every day so I´m trying my hardest to always be positive.  I´m not sure why, but I was put in the most advanced spanish district and we are pushing along! love my district. We are so encouraging of each other and it makes learning a language a lot more pleasant.  I can now pray in Spanish, bear my testimony, and teach very basic lessons. So even though I´m no where close, i´m a lot closer than I was a week ago and I know i´ll get it eventually.
I absolutely love being a missionary!! Andrew Saltzman was right.  Anyone who didn´t have fun in the MTC didn´t go to Madrid becasue it really is such a great place.  I´m having the time of my life! It is hard at times, but having the Lord with me is bringing so much comfort and I am really so happy.  I´m doing great if you can´t tell :) I love you all!!!! I´m almost out of time, but I have pictures and will try to send them soon. one favor- if you´re bored, sent me a letter! The weeks get long and it would be great to hear from my family. Thank you all for the emails they make me so happy!! and thank you for the photo album it has been the best reading that this week. Have an amazing week!
hermana marsh :)

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