Monday, September 15, 2014

Madie leaves for Madrid!

 Madie received her mission call on April 11th.  Today, September 15th is here and we took our Hermana to the Salt Lake Airport.
Her Dad gave her a beautiful Father's blessing.  It helped calm all of us down.
 Darling Madden and Madie!

 He just kept wanting to hug her.  

 Madie had met the Sisters she was flying with in Provo when they had a meeting with the consulate to get their visas.  It was good to see she would be traveling with friends that knew how Madie is feeling!
 Isn't it funny how you watch every little part of them go through the security line?

Bless someone's heart for taking this picture of the 6 sisters traveling together and sending it to the 6 moms!  Thanks so much!
I received a call from Madie on her layover in Dallas.  So far, so good!  She will be great!

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  1. Oh Man!! That is such a sweet hard thing to do! Bless you Hermana Marsh! You are going to be incredible!! LOVE YOU!!