Monday, September 15, 2014

Madie goes to the Temple!

This is Madie's mom.  I am taking over her blog while she serves in the Spain, Madrid mission.  She left TODAY, September 15th!  She is flying to Dallas, London and then will arrive in Madrid tomorrow, September 16th to begin her missionary service.  I will back track a little, so she has pictures of the events leading up to her departure.  Thanks for your support, love and prayers.

On July 5th, Madie was endowed in the Jordan River Temple.  All of her family except Sorella Steph came!  We are grateful for extended family members for attending as well.  What a remarkable occasion.
Cute Lindsay brought flowers over from the Irion Family.  Nicest in all the land!
Here is Madie ready to go to the Temple!

 Our group, plus Norm, Wendy and Bryndy Maxfield

 The Workman's
 Our little family
 Cute Jeffy and Jordan
 Ricky, Madie and Tisha
Kim, Doug and Madie
 Oliver, Dantzel and Madie
 Madie, Allie, Mike
 Our 6 original Marsh kiddies with a spot saved for Sorella Steph!

 Celebrating with Pie Pizza and Ugurt after.

Congratulations Madie!  We love you and are proud of you!

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