Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 59- Gibraltar

Today was the last day of my unforgettable journey.  AH! Saddest thing.  We decided to go to Gibraltar which is actually part of England- hooray for poundage! We decided to go hike the rock which took up the majority of the day.  

Okay there are monkeys EVERYWHERE on the rock of Gibraltar! These little guys are fearless and it was so fun to get so close to them.  The babies were my favorite! 

The view from the top of the rock was hands down one of the prettiest places i've been.  It was absolutely stunning! 

Here we are with our little buddy :)

I made the mistake of hiking in this outfit- woof.  The rock of Gibraltar had so much to do.  My dads favorite part was probably the war tunnels, he's a nerd for stuff like that.  It was way cool! 

Another awesome part was the caves.  It was like Timpanogos cave only way way better.  They even had it all lit up- it was so awesome! 

After the Gibraltar we drove back to our hotel and packed up to head home.  Ah this really was the most amazing experience I have ever had! A huge thanks to Mom and Dad for making everything possible.  I loved the chance to do a semester abroad and loved that my parents were able to come get me and give me a little sneak peak of Spain.  Let the count down for the mission begin! 

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