Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hola Familia!

So fun to hear from you this week. I know I sound like a broken
record, but I seriously love mondays! You guys are the best. I am
currently writing from... Toledo! We came here as a zone for p-day,
and I am staying for 24 hours to do an intercambio with Hermana Finch.
Could it get any better?! I love her and I love Toledo. We had an
awesome week this week in Barrio 3 filled with lots of miracles with
our new friends.

First off- Lourdes. Oh she is my miracle! We met with her this week to
go over lesson one and she literally recited the first vision with
us... Who does that?! She is so prepared. She expressed some concerns
about her husband because he doesn't believe in God at all, but we
explained how we have the gospel to bless our families not to make
things worse. We're hoping and praying that all goes well with that.
She really is amazing though!

Calixto is also doing really well. We were able to meet with him at a
members house this week and he still continues to have no problems! He
loves everything we are teaching and has desires to be baptized, he
just is waiting to receive his answer. He is doing his part though,
and I have no doubt it will happen soon!

We had a huge miracle with Nemesio this week. He is very spaniard and
sometimes it's a little hard to have the spirit in our lessons, but he
was so calm this week. He expressed doubts about Joseph Smith and
tithing, but said that when he receives answers to those doubts he
wants to get baptized. These three are the most progressing right now
and we really are just walking by faith! The Lord has done His part,
we are trying our hardest to do ours, and now it is up to them.
Praying hard for these three! Elena and Ramber are still doing well :)
Just waiting for December!

We also have 2 new investigators that I wanted to tell you about. The
first one is Marcos. He is from Argentina and from the beginning he
told us he is just around to get to know the mormon culture better.
But he absolutely loves church and loves the lessons we have. I have a
lot of faith that something in him might change! We also taught this
guy named Danny this week. We contacted him my first week here and he
wanted nothing to do with us, we didn't even get his number. We gave
him our card though and 4 weeks later we got a call! That NEVER
happens! We taught lesson 1 and it went really well. I am excited!

I got to go on two intercambios this week and they were both awesome.
I stayed here in Barrio 3 for both. One was with Hermana Valencia and
she is such a great missionary. She is from Chicago, but her parents
are from mexico so she speaks perfect spanish and I learned so much
with her. The other was with Hermana Shurtz and that is one of the
funniest sisters I have ever met! She has the sweetest testimony too
it was so fun to get to know her. I feel so blessed to serve with such
great Hermanas!

I think that is about it. I didn't eat anything too weird this week,
but a bird did poop on my companion this week while we were contacting
a spanish man and that just about made my week haha!! Also seeing my
people from Alcorcon was the greatest. I am doing good :) Very happy
to be a missionary! We had interviews this week and I still just feel
so blessed to have the Packs. The Lord takes care of his missionaries!
Thank you so much for all the love and support you send my way. I love
you and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Marsh


 Halloween shirts!! Thanks mom :) Your packages are the BEST!
 ALCORCON! Oh I love them. It was the best thing to get to see them
again! My darling young women :)

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