Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hi cute family!
Monday's are the greatest. I love hearing about all your adventures!
Happy to hear that everyone is doing well. What a great week we had in
Barrio 3. My testimony of the power of prayer was strengthened so much
this week. I know that if we pray with specific questions or needs
then do our part, The Lord does his. We saw so many miracles this
week. I'm excited to tell you about a few!

The week started off with our concilio at the mission home and I
always leave so ready to work! We talked about the plan of salvation,
keeping the sabbath day holy, and finding with faith. The thing that
stuck out to me the most was finding! Hermana Pack talked about the
importance of asking specifically about what we want to happen, then
going and doing it. We put that to the test and I am so grateful for
it. I know that Heavenly Father lives and listens to our prayers. This
knowledge has made my prayers more sincere and my relationship with my
heavenly father stronger. How grateful I am for prayer!

After concilio I was able to go on our first intercambio for the
transfer (we have SIX!). I stayed here in Barrio 3 with Hermana
Freestone and it was great. It was only my second week here so it was
an adventure trying to get around, but it all worked out! She is an
amazing missionary. Hermana Toone trained her so it was fun to share
stories and to learn more from her.

I got to meet a few more investigators this week that I wanted to tell
you about. The first is Aga. She is from Poland and has been through
SO much. If I told you you wouldn't believe me! She has a long way to
go, but she absolutely loves coming to church and meeting with us.
She's so cute she is trying to quit smoking and it is really hard for
her, but she makes sure that no matter what she doesn't smoke sundays
so she can come to church clean. It's a start! Like I said it will be
a while, but I have faith!

I also wanted to tell you about a family we found, the Claure Family.
The dad is a less active, mom anti-mormon, son on the mission, and we
are teaching their other kids Leidy and Ramber. We had a lesson with
the whole family and it was very clear that the mom did NOT want her
son to be on a mission or for her other kids to be going to be
baptized any time soon. We left a little discouraged thinking there
wasn't much hope, but Ramber walked in to church all alone sunday.
This guy is amazing!

The greatest thing happened this week. We were walking to pass by for
some investigators when we saw this woman carrying home groceries when
her bag broke. We went over to help her and long story short we ended
up in her house teaching the restoration and have an appointment to
see her again this week. A million and one things happened so that our
paths crossed and it is so evident to me that The Lord is at the helm!

Last story sorry we will be here all day. Yesterday we had 2 lessons
set up with people that seemed a little sketchy. We were walking to
the lesson and I pulled out my iPad to look up an address of a less
active the bishop told us to go visit soon. Right when I found it my
companion said, "Hermana I think we should go visit that family Bishop
told us to go see." I turned my iPad to show her what I just looked up
and we just smiled and were off! She let us in and ended up teaching
her sister who isn't a member. It went so well and have an another
appointment this sunday to go and see her and well as tuesday to meet
her husband who isn't a member. What!! The Lord is so great.

I could go on and on. This was a really great week. Really fast though
we ended the week with a ward activity and it was so great. The
majority of members brought their friends and we have a few that are
interested in hearing a little more. So excited! I feel like the work
is picking up a little and i'm excited to see what is in store. I
don't know how to describe it other than saying that I know that God
lives and answers prayers. We have struggles to make us stronger and
even when they are hard, we turn out better because of them. I am
grateful for the hard days because they caused me to turn to my
Heavenly Father and know him better. And I can't think of anything
better! I love this gospel with all my heart. As President Uchtforf
said, "It works wonderfully!" Have a great week!
Hermana Marsh

Concilio! :)

 Zone Conference!

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