Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hello family!

Thank you thank you for all the great updates! Happy to hear that all
is well on your side of the pond :) Things are going really well here
in Madrid. We had an awesome week in Madrid. I'm excited to tell you
all about it!

First off, we had two of our six intercambios this week and they were
awesome. For the first one, Hermana Hinton came here with me in Barrio
3. She is in training with Hermana Rossberg (I'm a grandma!) and
she is awesome. I asked her what made her decide to come on a mission
and she said, "The gospel is just the best and everyone needs to hear
it!" haha I love it :) Fun to work with her. Then I went up to
Villalba with Hermana Stephenson and oh I LOVED it. If I ever move to
Spain i'm living in Villalba. It is up my the mountains and it is
absolutely beautiful there! And only about 30 minutes from Madrid :)
Hermana Stephenson is an awesome missionary too it was fun to work
with her.

We had lots of miracles this week in Barrio 3. The first I wanted to
tell you about was Lourdes. So in our piso, we have this chest of
drawers with all sorts of things in it. It wasn't that bad, but from
the first day I got here I have been dying to organize it haha! We
don't have much free time as missionaries and everytime we had a spare
minute or two, something came up. One morning this last week I had had
it and opted to organize it over doing my hair (Hermonie hair yayy). I found a carpeta in it from about two years ago that hadn't been
touched in two years! This is gold for missionaries!! We opened it up
and the first page was Lourdes. She had heard everything and was ready
to get baptized 2 years ago, but she wasn't married. We called her and
set up an appoinment and guess what... She's married now!!! She said
she got married in may and has been thinking about the missionaries
and baptism since then. She wants to hear everything again since it
has been 2 years, but so much potential there! Not sure if it was the
Spirit or my OCD that made me clean that morning, but i'm very happy I
did :)

Next miracle- Calixto. He is a 30 year old man from Ecuador and he is
awesome. We met him at the ward party last week and were able to teach
him lessons 1 and 2 this week. He loved it! Especially lesson 2. The
plan of salvation is that best! He wasn't able to come to church
yesterday, but wow that guy is prepared. I'm excited to see what's in
store for him. We were able to find a few more new investigators this
week and now we just need to make the change from new to progressing.
I am amazed at the blessings we are receiving over here!

Our other main investigators are doing pretty well. Elena is solid, we
are still working on helping Aga quit smoking, and Ramber and Leidy
are still kind of in the same boat. It's really hard with a mom that
isn't supporting them at all, but there brother gets home from his
mission in December and i'm excited to see if anything will change
with that. I forgot to tell you guys about Nemesio too. He is a
Spaniard man married to one of the members and he's tough. I love
spaniards with all my heart. They are so caring and sincere, but they
are also very blunt and a little stubborn. We met with him last night
and i'm hoping something we said touched him. Pray for that guy!

Fun fact- I think I might have eaten horse this week. I don't know if
I really did or if the elders are just enjoy stressing me out, but
either way I ate some type of meat that was not bee, pork, or chicken
haha. It was yummy!

Also, this week is Stake Conference and guess who is in my stake...
Alcorcon!!! I get to see my family from there!!! I am so so excited :)

I think that is about it for this week. It is raining like crazy
almost every day, but The Lord is blessing us with lessons in a warm
chapel so it is all good :) I absolutely love my companion. She is
doing so good at not getting trunky! She's so much fun to be around
and i'm learning new things from her every day. I still love being a
missionary :) Thank you for all of the love and support you send me. I
couldn't do it without you guys! Have a great week 
Hermana Marsh

Villalba!!! You are supposed to be able to see the mountains in the
background. I don't really know what happened, but there ya have it.
 Can you see the cross from the apartment window?? It's right next to villalba!! 
Remember when dad fell?? 
Oh you guys are the best hahaha I love you!
 Yep my umbrella broke in half hahaha that was a fun rest of the night!
We got our hairs cut

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