Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Hola mis cariños!

What amazing pictures this week. So fun to hear from all of you! I'm
glad you guys are had a great holiday and are enjoying having wetty
home :) I sure love you guys!

This week was absolutely AMAZING. I know I say that a lot, but this
week was filled with SO many miracles. We had made a goal this week to
try our best to really listen and follow The Spirit and the results
were incredible. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

First off, La Familia Benitez :) The girls have always had the desires
to get baptized and have always loved the spirit they feel at church,
but still wanted their testimonies to grow a little more before they
took that step. We stressed the importance of reading in the book of
mormon, and the change in these two girls is incredible. The book of
mormon is true! Vanessa has always had a strong testimony, she has
just needed help with the word of wisdom. But I am happy to report
that Vanessa came to church for the first time in years yesterday! All
three of them are preparing to be baptized August 14th and we are
praying so hard for them. My favorite thing about their family is the
power that these two girls have. I never really understood what the
scriptures meant by becoming as little children until I met Cory and
Judy. Yes they are 16 and 10, but their testimonies are changing their
family. Incredible!

Next, Susi and her girls. Oh I love this family so much! We talked
about their doubts and fears this week and came to the conclusion that
the answers would be in the scriptures and through fasting. We are
going to be fasting with them this next week to help them recognize
their answer, but they really are progressing so much. It's amazing to
me to hear how their testimonies have grown in the last to months. We
also talked about temples this week and they fell in love it was so
darling haha! They all are so excited to go to the temple one day. I
love that place!

And now Lilian. She is incredible. I really can't say it enough! Last
night we met with her and we had Yami help us and it was such a
powerful lesson. Hearing Yami testifying about the truth of the gospel
was the most amazing experience for me! It helped Lilian so much too.
She knows and accepts that these things are true, and her love for the
church and the book of mormon grow every time we meet with her. Her
prayers are amazing! Her and Kleo (the member that stopped us about 3
months ago) aren't married so that is our main obstacle that we are
working with right now. We are helping them move this week into a new
apartment though, so we are hoping that once they get all settle in
we'll see some miracles.

We had a zone conference this week and we talked about the importance
of unity. Unity between our companions and other missionaries of
course, but also between the ward members where we are serving. It
made me realize that it doesn't matter if we are in an island of the
coast of Africa, Italy, or the Meadows ward. We all have the same
purpose of returning to the presence of our Heavenly Father and we
need to do our best to make sure that everyone gets there. It makes me
want to work harder where ever I am serving here.

Our God is a God of miracles! And I witnessed so many this week. There
is now greater joy for me than to see all of these people that I love
so dearly walking through the church doors on Sunday. Everyone came
yesterday! Oh I love being a missionary. Sorry this email was a novel,
congrats if you made it through 🎉 love you guys and I hope you have a
great week!

Hermana Marsh

P.S. I am currently writing you on a bus on the way to the south of
the island. iPads are great and this island is beautiful! 📱🌞🌴😊

we went to the dunes in the south today! ;) they are amazing!!!
Arabian niiiiiiiggts!
 Right after our attempt at taking a jumping pic haha!

 Denisse :) she's the cutest!

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