Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015

Mis Cariños :)
Thank you so much for all of the great emails, pictures, and videos this week you all look great. Especially Steph!! I seriously can't believe how great she looks make sure to send lots of my love her way this week :) 

Okay before I start I need to give a little update. We are having our mission tour right now so president and sister pack are here, their kids, and all of the missionaries in the islands are here in Las Palmas! We are having so much fun I love the Packs. They have the biggest hearts and they are so ready to serve the lord. We've only been together for a few hours and I've already fallen in love with them they are amazing. We played sports this morning, went out to lunch, then will have our conference tomorrow. Plus Hermana Finch and Santiago are here and are staying at my house tonight :) so stayed tuned for that next week! We are having lots of fun this is a great group of missionaries. 

We have a lot of stuff going on today so I'm sorry that this week will be a little short. I'll be honest though, it was a little bit of a harder one. But it is okay because I have felt the love of the lord even more this week! Our investigators are doing well, but 2 to 3 aren't filling our schedules and we've really been fighting to get new investigators. Saturday nightfinally came and the only thing I felt like I could do at that point is pray. And that I did! I don't know if I've ever prayed that hard before. And what happened Sunday at church was the biggest blessing comfort Heavenly Father could give me. 

First off, so many of our less actives came that I haven't seen at church in weeks. Then a family that the missionaries met with a while ago came and have a lot of potential, I'm excited to work with them. And last but not least, Susi and her girls. They have been coning for about a month now, but we had a lesson this week where she told us she didn't know if she could come this week because she has been struggling financially and had an opportunity to work. We taught that when we put the lord first he will bless us, and she came! We are praying hard for her. She has heard everything and her girls are ready, she just wants to be sure. We will see! 

Lilian wasn't able to come to church this week but she is continuing to progress so well. I have really never met someone more kind than her and she is so ready to hear the gospel. Every time we talk to her, my testimony is more strengthened that the lord is preparing people. Which gives me a lot of hope! Even though this week was a harder one, I know this is the lords work and everything happens in his time for a reason. 

Thank you so much for the emails and especially the prayers. I can feel your love and support and would not be able to do this without you! The church is true and even when it's hard, I couldn't feel more blessed for the opportunity to be a missionary and share it with others. I love this work!! Have a wonderful week I love you guys! 

Hermana Marsh

This is Scarlett, Lilian's daughter and I love her. She makes being
away from my littles not QUITE so hard ;)
 Susi drinks mona vie!!! I tried a little bit and I still think it
tastes funny. Sorry Henry!
 We taught mutual this week and I can't even tell you how great this
group of girls is. Plus 3 of them are daughters of investigators :)

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