Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 3015

Hi cute family!
Oh this weeks pictures are so great. I seriously am dying so many fun
things are happening! Steph coming home, Ginny's blessing, birthdays,
and new babies! Our family is pretty blessed. So fun to see you all
together. This week was a great one in Las Palmas, I'm so excited to
tell you all about it!

First off, I want to tell you about the miracles we had with Susi and
her girls this week. The Roka's (members) were out of town this week
so we decided to do some service with them and paint their dance
studio. It was so fun! The girls had disney music in Spanish playing
all morning and I am happy to report that I am now ready for Disney
Scene it in Spanish. Libre Soy, Hijo del Hombre, Bajo del Mar, you
name it I am ready to go :) We had so much fun they really make me so
happy! We met with them after church as well and had a really great
lessons. They are at the point where they have heard all the lessons,
now they just need to take the leap of faith and get baptized! They
are doing their part, and I have no doubt that The Lord will answer
their prayers. But for now, we are just waiting, hoping, and praying!
I really love this family though they are incredible.

Next, Lilian! This woman has so much faith and LOVES her Heavenly
Father. It has been such a joy to teach her. This week we were able to
touch a little bit more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She comes
from a Jehovahs Witness background, so the Bible is really important
to her and the idea of a new book was a strange thought to her. She is
reading though and her doubts are leaving! And she absolutely loves
church which is the greatest. She has progressed so much this week and
I am excited to see what the future has in store for her!

Vanessa and her girls are also doing great. I absolutely adore my
investigators you guys! This week in our lesson they made me cry,
which believe it or not doesn't happen that much! Cory was sick
yesterday so her and Vanessa had to stay home from church, but Judy
came with her grandpa and loved it as always. We are holding off on
their baptism until they have a little bit stronger testimonies, but
they are doing their part and are continuing to progress.

Our two recent converts received callings this week! Yajaira (she got
baptized in January and I adore her!) is going to be a counselor in
the Young Womens, and Yamilka is going to be a ward missionary! Now we
don't have to feel guilty about having her help in lessons :) They
both will be great I am so excited for them.

we had our mission tour this week at it was amazing. I love the Packs!
I was really nervous about getting a new mission president, but I know
that he was called of God to be here in Spain and him an his wife are
both incredible. It was so fun to get to know them a little this week,
I am excited for the next 8 months with them!

I think that is about it for this week. It was a great one! It is
getting pretty hot in the islands, but much worse in the peninsula so
we aren't complaining too much. Thank you so much for the love and
support, I couldn't do this without you guys! I am so thankful for
your wonderful examples and for the opportunity to serve the Lord.
Have a great week, I love you!

Hermana Marsh

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Hermana Finch :) Words don't describe how much I love this girl!!
 and Hermana Santiago :) We celebrated our 10 month this week! It's
been so fun to be doing this mission thing with her and Hermana Toone
by my side. Love these missionaries!
 and oh were they good. :)
 sleepover!! :)

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