Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec 7, 2015

Mi Familia 

What a great week to be a missionary. Time is going by so ridiculously fast. I really can't even describe how blessed I feel to be where I am and with the people I am with. And the best part is... No changes this transfer! Hermana West are staying the same and we are so excited. They took out the other set of hermanas in our area so we have SO much work to do. A little stressful, but we are ready to work hard. Also, we are still sister training leaders and Hermana Toone is coming to my Zone! That means Intercambios wahoo! Greatest news I am excited for this next transfer. 

The biggest news of the week would of course be Calixto. He was baptized and confirmed a member of the church yesterday. He is one of the most grateful people I know and shared the sweetest testimony. Yesterday after he was confirmed I asked him how he felt and he was talking about how grateful he felt and the only thing that was making him sad was that it took so long to get him here. It made me take a moment to realize just how much the gospel blesses people's lives. There are people that are looking for the answers and the happiness, they just don't know where to find it. Calixto has given me more of a drive to work harder and find those people who are ready. He's amazing! 

Our next miracle is Ramber. He has kind of been on the back burner since we are just waiting for his brother to get home, but we decided this week to apply what we learned in Zone Conference and see if we could get him to come to Seminary. At first he was a little nervous to ask for permission from his parents, but we fasted specifically for him and he got permission! He is starting this week :) 6 in the morning and everything- this guy is awesome. 

Lourdes came to church yesterday again!! Oh I really am so happy to see her coming back. She leaves for Ecuador in a few weeks for the month of January, but every time we go over she is talking about her baptism. We will get her ready for February! Sonia also came to church yesterday and is making progress on quitting smoking. Lots of potential there. 

We have a new guy that I wanted to tell you about. His name is Johnny (30) and he is so great! We have been teaching him for a couple weeks now and every time he talks about how bad he wants a family and more peace in his life. Hello that's what the gospel is for! He gives us great summaries of the Book of Mormon every lesson and has the greatest questions. The only problem is he works at a grocery store and the hours are crazy during Christmastime, so he can't come to church. But we will figure something out! 

We had concilio this week and it was great as always. I am so thankful for the Packs! Every time I leave I feel so grateful to be a missionary. The Zone training went really well too. The only sad part was I had to say goodbye to Hermana Finch. So weird! She's a great missionary and I feel very blessed to have served with her. 

Okay that wraps up this week! We have lots of work to do and my body can't really catch up haha! I have a little bit of a cold, but don't worry mom! Show up to church with no voice and you leave with 3 people offering you soup for lunch. And lots of meds :) the members here are incredible. I love being a missionary and I've reached the point where I'd really like it if time slowed down. There really is nothing better than being a missionary. I am excited to see your faces in a couple weeks though for Christmas :) I love you and thank you for all you do for me! Have a great week and go cougars!!! 

Hermana Marsh 

Baptism day!!
 We all got to be sister training leaders at the same time!! Love these hermanas.
 I got your Christmas package! 
We are ready to go with matching sweaters and everything :)

 New Back Pack  (she wore her old one out!)

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