Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Hi Family!

So fun to hear from you all and that you are doing well. This time of
the year is the best and i'm so happy that you are enjoying it! This
week is probably going to be a short one. I don't know if that's a
good thing or a bad thing, but there ya have it. I almost made it my
whole mission without getting sick, but it hit me this last week and
it was terrible! And of course when you are with someone 24/7, they
catch it too. We spent a couple days at home and when we weren't we
were a little bit on the miserable side, but we are feeling a little
bit better today. I am grateful for health though!! The mission is the
worst place to sick, but we did see a few miracles.

We met with a lot of new investigators this week and I wanted to tell
you about one of them. Her name is Nicole and she is the cutest. She
is 18 and has a friend who is a member in Pavones. We have had two
lessons with her, and she loves it! She has the best questions and
seems so prepared. She works Sunday mornings, so we'll have to work
with that, but she did come to the YSA family home evening last night
and she LOVED it. And is already planning on helping them with the
ward christmas party Saturday :) She's great!

We celebrated Caixto's birthday this week and he is doing great. He
literally asks us every day what we have planned the next day to see
if he can help with lessons. There are 6 missionaries in this ward, so
I hope he doesn't regret his offer haha :) We will use it! He's doing
great though. Our other investigators are doing well Johnny came to
the family home evening last night too it was great. We received a few
member references with a lot of potential, so we are excited to see
what happens with that.

Sorry this e-mail is kind of short. Looking back on it, this whole
week was kind of a big blur haha! We have nice elders that gave me a
blessing though and a really do feel a lot better. We are ready to hit
it hard this week. And then i'll see you NEXT WEEK!!! Wahoo!! Our
P-day will be changed to Christmas, so talk to you next Friday :) Love

Hermana Marsh

p.s. We went to the store this morning and the milk we bought expires
after my release date... Granted the milk here in Spain is nasty and
has ridiculous expirations dates but still, I cried a little bit. The
mission is the best I'm not ready!!!

Zone Conference! My bad about my big hair covering Elder Mayah's head haha
 Hermana Marsh esta inferma!

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