Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Mi Familia :)

Okay I just have to start out by saying I really have the greatest family in the world!!! You guys never cease to amaze me with your incredible testimonies and support. You are amazing examples to me! Thank you for the emails this week you guys are the best :) Oh and happy happy birthday to my wendy girl!! Can´t believe she is already two- love that little girl!

This week was so great you guys. I want to start with the devotional that we went to last night by Brad Wilcox. This guy is awesome. He started off his message asking who are we and what makes us different from everybody else? People answered, we are children of God! And he said, everyone is a child of God, what makes us different? Another said, we were saved for the last days! and he said, lots of people were saved for the last days. Why are we different? And he answered it with one word- Birthright.

He then went to explain the story of Jacob and his son and the 12 tribes of Israel. He said so many interesting things that I don´t have the time to explain, but it was awesome! He explained that when the first son gets the birthright, he gets double the amout of the portions, but also double the responsibility. He the related that to us.  We have been given double the knowledge that so many people in the world have received. For example, knowledge that there is a God and He loves us, his Plan of Salvation, The Restoration, and so forth. But with this extra knowledge comes extra responsibility. THAT is why I am here serving a mission! 

Then he made a super awesome note that blew my mind a little bit.  He said, missionaries- you are not here in Spain to baptize every single person you see. When Christ comes, there will be thousands running to the missionaries to hear the lessons (lucky missionaries ;)).  What you are doing right now is finding the leaders that are going to be in charge when he does come.  If he came today, would there be enough relief society presidents? Bishops? Stake Presidents? Primary Leaders? You are here today gathering Israel to prepare the world for the Savior´s coming by finding those leaders and teachers. Mind blown!!! If that doesn´t give you the motivation to work as hard as you can I don´t know what will! We are fired up and ready to go :) It really was such an incredible night, I was so glad to be there! 

Okay so that took up the majority of the letter, but it was really awesome and needed to be shared! The work here in Alcorcón is going great though. Ike continues to be progressing very well.  Yesterday in church we even saw him talking to some of the members in Spanish even though he doesn´t know hardly anything. The ward members here are so great! We still have a few more lessons to teach, but so far he is on track for the 11th of April :) 

Paulozky blessed the sacrament yesterday :) 

With Rolando just getting baptized, we are definitely in the finding process. It was fast Sunday yesterday and we decided to fast in hopes to find a few investigators that were prepared to hear the gospel.  And yesterday we received 3 member references. You guys- member references are like gold to missionaries and the fact that we got three? We are a tiny ward here in Alcorcón and it was nothing short of a miracle. I am so excited to see what comes from it over the next few weeks! 

Can I just say how excited I am for Conference?! It is my favorite time of the year and I no doubt will be bawling through half of it but I could not be happier :) How lucky are we to get to hear the words and councils of the general authorities that are exactly what we need today! Oh my heart it so full right now.  I absolutely love being a missionary. Thank you for everything- I hope you have a great week!

Os amo :)

hermana marsh 

I love these 2!! 
 We got stuck in the rain this week and only one of us was smart enought to bring an umbrella. 
And no it wasn´t the trainer or the senior companion ;) Go Hermana Berry! 

 So we made a box a cigarettes to help Carmen quit smoking. Tell me we are just the cutest hermanas ever;)

 Did I ever mention that trios are great? Not a day goes by that we don´t fail to have some fun :) 

 District pic in front of the temple :) Beautiful day and I love my district. These elders are great! 
 Welcome to Spain. You will find bread at EVERY MEAL
 The lovells!!! Oh I love these people so much :) 
 ELDER SALTZMAN from Murray!!! hahah mission life and home life mixed for a second it was the weirdest thing! 
 My mtc girls!!! I love these two so much. They will always have a special place in my heart! 

 My darling companions :) 

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