Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hola mi familia!

Oh this week (and whole transfer really) has been such a great one and it absolutely flew.  I am excited to tell you all about it!! First things first though, I am staying here in Alcorcón and I am training!! What the devil haha I freaked out a little when they told me. But the good news is Hermana Finch is staying so I will have her help :) I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but really excited! It will be weird to be in a trio, but I am really excited for this next transfer. We will pick up our little chica tomorrow and I am so excited to meet her! 

We had some great success this week.  Alcorcón has changed so much in these last few months and it has been so fun to see the progress.  We are still a tiny branch don´t get me wrong, but our bajo is more full ever week.  The greatest feeling! 

First I want to tell you about Rolando.  We met with him this week to go over the bautismal questions and he rocked it- no problems at all! The only problem is his dad found out he has to go to Barcelona for work for two weeks.. Ah! So we´ll need a little until he gets back, but you guys he is so prepared!! Yesterday we went over for lunch (I made homemade pizza and sauce and it was to die for- I may not be the one serving in Italy but seriously it was so yummy!) and he taught us and his whole family lesson 2.  IT WAS AMAZING! He taught it with such clarity and didn´t even use the pamphlet! It was all in his own words and we all were so impressed.  He dad and mom just kept saying how surprised and excited they were.  We have a future missionary on our hands you guys!!! Ah it was so great.  Charly is doing just great too :) He shared his testimony in sacrament meeting about missionary work and he is the cutest little boy- So lucky to be a missionary! 

Isabel and Laura are doing so great! This week we started teaching their other sister too :) Whenever we finish a lesson they always ask us when we can come back haha it is the greatest feeling. We are going to go to seminary with them this week and I am super excited about that.  The young men and women in our rama are so cute and I´m excited for these girls to get to know them. Plus I get to go to seminary again wahoo! :)

We had a really cool experience this week.  After Paulozky´s baptism (who is doing just great by the way) and Rolando´s coming up, we are really looking for some news to teach.  So that´s what we fasted for! I was looking through some of my old planners and came across a number that I felt like we should call. We called her and said we could come over! Her name is Lordes and she has 2 kids.  We were talking to her and it turns out her sister in peru is a member and lots of her nephews have served missions.  She is catholic, but wants to know more about what her sister believes in.  Hey that´s our job! We shared lesson 1 and it was one of the most powerful times we have taught it.  We set up another apointment with her this week and I am excited to see her progress :) Fasting works!!

Okay this is getting a little long haha so i´ll try to wrap things up a little :) I did have a spiritual experience that I wanted to share.  We had andreas despedida this week and two sisters of the rama that served missions were the speakers.  One of them talked about how much love she felt for the Lord that despite her weaknesses and imperfections, she had the opportunity to represent him for 18 months.  That hit me real hard! Despite all of my faults and imperfections, I have the opportunity to represent the Lord and be apart of this incredible work. I feel so blessed for this opportunity!! Of course there are days that are hard, but I am having the most amazing experiences here and I feel so blessed that my Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity.

I love you all and I hope you have the best weeks! Les Quiero!

hermana marsh
We made a fort :)  Those are my feet not a dead person don´t worry. We have fun :)
 We had snow!!!! it was a only a little bit and it is actually warming up now but there ya go. 
 We went to go pick up a package in our pajamas just with our skirts on 
because it was medio dia and we weren´t changing;)
 Our Zone Leaders! 
 Best thing I ate this week- Ceviche :) No clue how to spell it sorry! But it is fish that isn´t cooked haha it sounds gross I know but it was delicious! And it came in a glass how can you not love that?! 

 Zone meeting! This picture is awful, but it´s the best self timer could do.
 Okay coolest thing I did this week.  We had a medio dia with nothing to do and there was a special to do those fish pedicure things. YOLO. 
Hahaha it was awesome!!!! Weirdest feeling ever but it seriously was so fun :) 

 Wahoo for investigators who have projects on America haha :) 

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