Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hola Mi Familia :)

Happy Happy Birthday E and F!!!! I can´t believe you two are eight. I thought about you all day yesterday! Very lucky to be your aunt :) Thank you for the emails and pictures this week you guys sound like you are doing great! This week was a crazy one, I am excited to tell you all about it! 

First off, we had the mission tour this week.  Oh my gosh this meeting was incredible! I came home with about 4 pages of things I need to do to be a better missionary it was awesome.  I am convinced that I have the best mission president´s in the world! Plus Elder Dykes and his wife came and their messages were so awesome.  We are so blessed to have them here in Europe! I even got spoiled- he pulled me aside after and talked with me about a few of his experiences with my family and that was such a tender mercy for me.  He shared one about grandmother that made me just cry.  I love her! Oh it was great.  So fun to be in a group of 100 plus missionaries. 

Next up... Paulozky´s baptism! Oh it was incredible this guy really is the best. I always get so stressed out about baptisms to make sure everything goes okay, but everything went great.  My favorite part was him sharing his testimony at the end- I really don´t know if there is anything better.  He´s so cute! About an hour after the baptism he called us to say thank you for everything and I really feel so blessed that I got to teach him.  He was confirmed yesterday and is the newest member of the branch in Alcorcón :)

Rolando is doing just great! He was having a few doubts about President Monson and so we watch On The Lord´s Errand with him yesterday and after he gave the sweetest prayer about the prophet.  This boy is changing! He is still on for the 7th of March :) Same day as E and F! He even started going out with the Elders for some lessons this week and he absolutely loved it.  He told us he wants so serve a mission as long as it´s not in China ;) Charly passed the sacrament for the first time this week too! The greatest! 

We found the cutest new investigators this week.  Their names are isabel and laura :) We contacted their mom in the street and she told us that she wants us to visit her daughters because they need to have good examples in their lives.  We met with them twice this week and I already love them so much!! Isabel is 18 and Laura is 17. Cutest Bolivian girls! They are so smart I really am so impressed with them.  And the best news is, they came to church! All three hours! Which means I got to go to Young Womens :) Oh I am so excited for them! 

Between the mission tour, baptisms, and intercambios we didn´t have a ton of time to teach this week.  Yesterday we were looking at our numbers and were a little disappointed.  Numbers don´t matter, but we were ready for a challenge.  We made the goal to have 5 member lessons in one day, something that I have never done before. We did it! Plus we met with a few less actives as well :) What was more important though was that they were awesome lessons!! Oh yesterday was a really great day.  So busy, but those are the days I love! 

I think that is about it for this week.  I can´t believe we are already in the last week of the transfer! The time is flying.  Thank you so much for all of the love and support that you send me.  I love you guys so much and I don´t know what I would do without you! Have a great week :) 

hermana marsh

p.s. I ate octopus this week- tentacles and all! It was yummy :) I guess I am over the calamari joke dad played on me haha! Love you guys :)

one more picture from Segovia!
 Paulozky´s baptism! :) 
 We made burgers this week at Beatriz´s and Edison´s.. Ohhh I have missed those! 
 My sweet Andrea!! She is the one that is leaving for her mission this week to California.  They had us over one more time before she leaves. She is going to be incredible! 
 More from p day! 

 We hiked up to this super cool statue and cathedral today for p day :)
 It´s a miracle that my jeans still fit haha! 

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