Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hola Mi Querido Familia!

Happy February! So fun to hear about everyones week you all sound great :) This week was a week full of miracles!!! I can´t wait to tell you about it.

First off- Felica and Carmen.  This is a long story- buckle up.  Hermana Finch served in Alcalá before she came her and was really close with one of the members in the ward named Suzie.  When she found out that she was serving in Alcorcon, Suzie told her that her mom lives there! She was super excited to get to know her and asked me if I knew her.  I had never heard of her or seen her at church before and Alcorcon is REAL small, so we had some investigating to do.  Por fin we found her address (which is on the other side of alcorcon) and went to go visit her.  When we got to her building, there were two women sitting in the front- they were who we were looking for! Felica is the mom and Carmen is the daughter. They both invited us over for lunch the second they saw our chapas- cutest thing.  

We had lunch with Felica this week and she is great.  She has been having health problems and that has made it really hard to come to church.  She was feeling really lonely and wondering if the people in the ward had forgotten about her.  She expressed these feelings in prayer and later that week, the missionaries showed up :) So cool! I am really excited to start working with her.  And for Carmen, she had an motorcycle accident about 10 years ago that made it hard for her to remember what she believed in and never made it back to church.  She wants to know more though and invited us over for lunch this week when her husband who isn´t a member can hear as well.  So great! We left from talking to them and were in shock. We never would´ve found them if Hermana Finch hadn´t served in Alcala, and then Alcorcon, but the Lord provided a way.  They are incredible :) 

Next up! Paulozky. Oh my word this man is great! We taught him the plan of salvation and asked him if he had any questions at the end.  He wanted to know more about the spirit world because his father had recently died and he was a faithful man, but died in sin and was wondering what happened to him.  We talked about baptisms for the dead and invited him to be baptized for himself the 21 of february, and later for his father in the temple. And his response... Puedo mas temprano? MAS TEMPRANO?! Yes!! He wants to get baptized during the week and to make sure we have enough time to teach everything, we settled for the 18 of february. We met with him a few other times and he was a church yesterday! Fasted and everything :) This guy is awesome.  I don´t know why we get to teach him, but I am so blessed to have this opportunity! 

This letter is getting real long, so I´ll tell you about Rolando and then wrap it up.  We met with him without Charly this week and wanted to see what his feelings were about baptism.  After a lesson and lots of questions, we asked him to pick a date that he would like to be baptized.  He took our phone on the calendar page and starting scrolling down and down... I´m dying inside thinking he is going to pick October haha! He got to May, then started scrolling back and picked the 14 of March :) That is NOT summer!! Wahoo!!! I was really so happy he is so great.  We´re excited to keep working with him and getting him ready for the 14th! 

This week was a great one.  We are working so hard and seeing so many miracles, but also having lots of fun :) We had our best attempt at having a sleepover and being obedient, churros and chocolate, lots of treats, and lots of laughs.  Being a missionary is everything! Lots of hard things, but so many fun things too.  An experience I am so grateful for! I love you all and am so thankful for all of the support you give me. Have a great week! 

hermana marsh 

Really don´t love this pic, but we went and got churros and chocolate with a less active and it was really fun and really yummy :) Needs to be documented! 
 I went on an intercambio this week and forgot my sweatshirt. This was all she had... 
 So there´s this thing.  It tastes like Pirate´s Booty only it´s better and it´s only 35 cents for a whole bag.  Only bad part- it´s name is pou and it has this on the front... What haha?! Great advertising I guess though because it worked for us! 
 P day hats!!!! It´s the little things haha :) 

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