Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hola Mi Familia :)

Ah muchas gracias por todo de sus correos! It sounds like everyone had a great week- thank you so much for all the updates.  I am dying a little inside at how big Dantz is getting (a good big- you´re not fat, you´re beautiful ;)). Hooray for new babies! This week was a such a great one i´m excited to tell you all about it.

First off, I absolutely adore my companion.  It has only been 1 week and I already feel like we are best friends.  We kaugh all day long, but also feel the spirit constantly. That is the greatest thing as a missionary! We are both pretty new on the mission, so we still have that fire and desire to give it our all and it is the greatest. We are working really hard and I am excited to see the miracles this transfer.  She´s great! I am a loser and didn´t take pictures this week of us together, but there will be some next week!

As for our investigators, we made some progress this week! I want to start off with Charly.  He received the Holy Ghost and is officially a member of the church! There is no greater feeling you guys.  I love that 13 year old boy so much! He is going to be a great example for his brother.  We were teaching them this week and Rolando and without us asking, he said that he wanted to be baptized this summer.  In a perfect world it would be sooner seeing as it is January, but we can work with that! I was worried that he was closed to the idea and he isn´t! So that made me happy :) They are great.  I really love those two boys so much they make being a missionary fun.

We met with Paulozky this week for the first time and he is just great.  At the first of the lesson he kept talking about his desire to know more about the church and hey, that´s our job :) He was attentive during the whole lesson and gave the greatest prayer at the end. I wish I could´ve recorded it! He is so prepared I am excited to continue to teach him.  He wasn´t able to come to church yesterday so that was a little sad, but we have an appointment this week to see him again.  

Speaking of church, I had a talk this week... AH! It was super scary haha but I did it! I spoke on the steps we need to do to gain or strengthen our testimonies, and then the importance to share it.  I used the talk from President Uchtdorf in this last conference, and it´s a great one. Read it if you can! I spoke super fast and probably made a lot of mistakes, but I gave a 10 minute talk in Spanish wahoo! And I don´t have to do it again for a while :)

So in our rama there are about 50 members that come to church consecutively. We asked for a branch list and found about 200 people and I don´t know hardly any of them.  We have some work to do here in Alcorcon! It´s going to be a lot of work, but we are excited to get started on it.  I think it will not only be great to reactivate these people, but also a great opportunity to find new investigators.  

I went door knocking for the first time this week.  I am a real missionary now! Ah it was scary!! It really gives me such a rush when we knock and then I hear someone walking towards the door.  Haha i´m such a loser.  But seriously! We found some people and are going to pass for them this week, so we´ll see how it goes!

We had interviews with the Jacksons this week and I can´t say enough good things about them.  I feel so blessed to have them as mission presidents! 

I think that is about it for this week. To answer some questions, it is super cold here.. but everyone says January and February are the worst and we are almost halfway! Spanish is definitely coming.  I am by no means fluent and still have so far to go, but I finally feel like I can communicate with people and that is such a great feeling.  I am doing great and very happy to be serving The Lord here in Spain :) What a blessing! Look for missionary opportunities.  We can´t do it alone! I love you all and hope you have the best week :)  

Hermana Marsh 
I don´t like my face one bit in this picture but here´s my cute companion :) 
And yes that is snow in my hair! 
 You guys. I am so happy to be here but the movie posters need to stop.  
And my obsession with Chris Pine doesn´t help... Into the woods!!! 

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