Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hola Mi Familia :) 

Wow what a great couple of weeks! So sorry again that I wasn´t able to write last week, but I have lots of great stories and pictures to make up for it. Thank you for all of the darling pictures and videos. Disneyland looked SO fun!! I hope you were able to have a little fun even though steph and I weren´t there ;)

Wow these last few weeks have been pretty incredible.  To start off- Paulozky. He is getting baptized on Wednesday!! He has received all of the lessons, passed his interview, and is so prepared.  You guys this man seriously is incredible I wish you all could meet him.  On funny thing about him I want to share.  Last week he couldn´t stay for the third hour of church and we were being a little pushy about asking him why he couldn´t stay. He was acting super shy and we were so confused! Finally he said, I´m sorry I signed up to go give hot chocolate to the homeless, but I promise i´ll stay for all three hours next week!! WHAT! Who is this guy. His testimony is already so strong and I don´t know what I did to get to teach him.  He is so nice to us too! The other day he called us to wish us a happy valentine´s day hehe he is the sweetest.  So excited for him he is so ready!!! 

Next up! Rolando.  We had a miracle with him this week! We met with him last week and were asking him how he was feeling about his baptism.  He said, I would actually like to be baptized the 7th of March instead of the 14th. No problem for us :) Ah I was dying inside!!! This is coming from the boy that didn´t feel ANYTHING two months ago!! We met with him again later that week and he taught us lesson 1.  It was so powerful.  To see the change in him has been one of the greatest experiences of my whole mission.  This boy is incredible! I am so excited for him :)

Okay the next people I want to tell you about is Carmen and Moji.  I don´t know if you remember, but Carmen is the Less Active that had an accident and forgot everything.  She is married to a man from Morrocco and they have very strong beliefs in their own religion.  We have only been over there twice, but they are the most incredible people.  They are so nice to us and are always open to us coming over and visiting them.  It will take some work, but I have faith in them.  They really are some of my favorite people to visit.  Moji told us, I don´t have any daughters, only sons.  Will you two be my daughters? You can even call me papi moji :) hahaha I love them! 

We have a good group of progressing investigators, but are always looking for news.  We had the chance to meet with a few future investigators this week and I am so excited to see their progress this next week they seem really great.  One is even 7 months pregnant just like my seester :) It was really fun for me to talk to her about her pregnancy.  

We got to go to the temple this week after 3 months and oh what a blessing that was! I feel so blessed to be in a mission where I can go to the temple it was exactly what I needed.  And good news! I understood LOTS more than I did 2 transfers ago :) Wahoo! It was super fun to see all of the missionaries at the temple too.  Pretty powerful sight to see! 

Hermana Finch is the sister training leader which means we have had intercambios every single week this transfer.  I really like intercambios because it gives me a chance to see other areas and get to know other missionaries, but I am always so happy to come back to Alcorcon.  I don´t know if it is because it is my first area, but I feel home here and I don´t want to leave! Hermana Finch and I work so well together and it is always a good feeling to come back to things I am used to.  I really do like intercambios though they are fun.

I think that is about it for this week! This next week is going to be absolutely nuts.  We have a mission tour, meetings, and a BAPTISM! I am excited :) I love you all so much thank you for all the love and support you send me.  I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that I have you guys as my family. What more could a girl ask for! Espero que tengan una buena semana y disfrute todo.  Un beso grande! 

hermana marsh 

Here is Carmen :) The first time we went to their house he made us cous cous, meat, and vegetables. It was AMAZING! The coolest part was though, see that bowl? We didn´t use plates. We just took our spoons and dug in :) So fun! 
 One of the menos activos bought us a box of miguelitos.  My new favorite treat in the WORLD! 
 SEGOVIA! (note from Laurie. Segovia is about 1 hour away from Madrid and in Madie's mission.  Here is a bit about the city:
Old Town of Segovia and its Aqueduct
The Roman aqueduct of Segovia, probably built c. A.D. 50, is remarkably well preserved. This impressive construction, with its two tiers of arches, forms part of the setting of the magnificent historic city of Segovia. Other important monuments include the Alcázar (palace) , begun around the 11th century, and the 16th-century Gothic cathedral.

 We were pretty happy to be there :)
 LOOK WHO CAME! :) My hermana toone!! 

 The group :)

 We go all the way to segovia and we choose burger king hahaha :) Our shop was closed for the weekend I was so sad! (Madie is talking about a place we ate last summer when we were in Segovia!)
 TEMPLE TRIP <3 Companion
 and district. 
 cutest candy gram from the mia maids in the meadows ward!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 
 I spent valentine´s day on an intercambio with hermana valverde.  Only spanish for 24 hours- kind of fun :) thank you for the cute shirt! 

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