Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 - Last pictures from the CCM and Starting in Alcorcón!

Hola my sweet familia! 

I´m so excited to be talking to you guys.  Hearing about your weeks is the best thing thank you so much! When we got to the mission home the asked me to play the piano which was way scary but I did it! Hermana Jackson made the yummiest food and we had the greatest devotional with President Jackson.  I love them! As you read from the Jacksons, my first area is a city called Alcorcon.  It is about 45 minutes south of Madrid and it is so great.  It is pretty small, but I appreciate it because we get to do a lot of walking rather than taking a bus or metro.  

My companion is Hermana Costagliola and she is absolutely incredible.  When I found out she was going to be mine I just started crying.  She is from Italy, speaks perfect English, and left the exact same day as Stephanie did.  The first thing we did when we got to Alcorcon was to go teach an Italian class.  What!  Oh I felt the love of the Lord so strong in that moment! She is absolutely great.  She is so hard working and very obedient which is exactly what I wanted.  We also have so much fun together she makes me laugh so hard! I feel so lucky to have her. 

We have a branch in Alcorcon and it is pretty small, this Sunday there were about 45 people there.  BUT there are 6 missionaries here and we are working hard so that number will grow soon :) The members are so so nice too.  I can´t even understand them and I love them already.  I have been fed Cuban, Ecuadorian, and one member even made me some American food- fried chicken and fries hahaha the sweetest! Heads up- I will gain weight on the mission and I am trying really hard to be okay with it haha! They get really offended if we don´t finish our meals or don´t take seconds, and the food is delicious so there ya have it ;) 

Timing here is great.  Our mission is from 7 to 11 and from 2 to 4 we have medio dia.  No one is out so we use that time to do whatever things we need to do to prepare for the day and it is so nice.  We usually are invited to eat dinner around 9 which will be a bit of an adjustment, but no worries! I really am amazed at how nice the people are here.  

The Spanish is coming! It´s super hard and I´m no where close, but even in just a week I have seen a change and I am excited to keep learning more.  I am doing really well! Everything was super new this week, so it was a little overwhelming, but things are starting to make sense now and I am excited to get to work.  We have been working a lot with progressing investigators and less actives and doing lots of contacting.  The work is growing! This morning I was reading in Mosiah about Alma the younger and his missionary work and it makes me so excited to be a missionary.  Thank you for all the love and support you guys are incredible.  I love you! Until next week :)

Hermana Marsh 

​Prostelyting with hermana santiago!
 Our last pday!

 Yummiest paella in plaza mayor! 
 I had to have my chocolate croissant :)
 At the Bank of Madrid! We got to go to the top and the view was amazing!

 Last park day! These cute sisters make me miss mine so much! 

 I loved the park.  I am going to miss it and these amazing missionaries so much!

 My teachers! 

 Last day at the CCM 

 Coolest mission president ever!
 Hermana Costagliola :) 
 Our treat for the ward halloween party :)
 We got caught in the rain- our investigators take great care of us :)

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  1. Sister Madie Marsh - you are adorable!! Love you lots! xoxox