Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hi cute family! It is so fun to get to hear from you guys every week.  Thank you for the emails you guys are the best and make me so so happy! I talk about you guys a little too much I think the other missionaries are going a little crazy, but hey it happens :) I really love you guys! I´m so excited to be with you forever! Happy Happy Birthday to my Lydie Loo and Dougie!!! I love you guys and hope you had/have a great day.  I am thinking of you!

It was a great week to be in Alcorcon. It is getting real real cold, I am very grateful for a warm shower, tights, boots, and people that let us have lessons in there houses because it gets pretty bad. I made a trip to Primark though and I am ready to go. Bring on the winter! Yes you read that right, there is a primark here. I´m going to be just fine the next 18 months :) 

We had a ton of lessons this week and that really is the best thing for a missionary.  I want to tell you guys about Angel.  Angel is about 70 years old and he is the cutest man. Seriously.  He was my first contact in the street and ever since we wrote his number down I have had a feeling about him. I want to share something with you that he said to us this week that makes me sound kind of dumb, don´t judge.  We were teaching his the first lesson and after I told him the first vision he said, I don´t understand all that you say Hermana Marsh, but I understood that.  AHH! So cool! He also said he had met with the missionaries before, but didn´t feel anything with them.  With us though, he can see the Spirit in our eyes.  I cried! And the best part is... he came to church!!! I don´t know what will come of him, but he makes being a missionary great.

Here´s the thing about my area.  The people are so nice.  For example, we met with this less active this week and without sounding too pessamistic, he really isn´t super interested, but he did the nicest thing.  He wanted to have our lesson at this cafe shop where he bought us manzania and chocolate cafe (what.) and he bought us groceries.  And he´s not even an active member! I could go on and on about the people here.  We get fed almost every day and I am totally going to gain weight haha! If you have any pointers send them my way please :)

Being a missionary is really hard at times, but I am trying my hardest to make the most of every moment because it really is incredible.  I get to opportunity to feel the spirit multiple times every day and see people become closer to their Heavenly Father.  What a better feeling! I feel really blessed to be a missionary in this area specifically.  My companion is the best she makes me laugh so hard.  I love her! Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are the best.  If you are bored, send me pictures or quotes you like! I want to be a real sister missionary and have pictures and pinterest quotes everywhere :) I love you and hope you have a great week!

hermana marsh 

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